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Setting up Netscape 6 to Send and Receive SpearNet E-mail

1.  From your desktop, double-click "Netscape 6". Note: If you do not currently have Netscape 6 or better installed, please upgrade before continuing.

2.  Once Netscape is finished opening, click "Tasks" and then click "Mail".

3.  If the Netscape "Account Wizard" opens up, continue to #4. Otherwise, skip to #20.

4.  Click the button labeled "Next".

5.  Enter your name next to "Your Name".

6.  Enter your SpearNet E-mail address next to "Email Address".

7.  Click the button labeled "Next".

8.  Under "Incoming Mail Server" enter "mail.spearnet.net" next to "Server Name".

9.  Under "Outgoing Mail Server" enter "smtp.spearnet.net" next to "Server Name".

10.  Click the button labeled "Next".

11.  Next to "User Name" enter your SpearNet username.

12.  Click the button labeled "Next".

13.  Click the button labeled "Next".

14.  Click the button labeled "Finish".

15.  Click "Edit" from the menu and then click "Mail/News Account Settings".

16.  Click "Outgoing (SMTP) Server".

17.  Check the box next to "Always use name and password".

18.  Enter your SpearNet username next to "User Name".

19.  Click the button labeled "OK". Skip to # 25.

20.  Click "Edit" from the menu and then click "Mail/News Account Settings".

21.  Select your old e-mail accounts if any are listed and click the button labeled "Delete".

22.  Click "OK" at the next prompt if you are deleting an old e-mail account. Continue steps 21 
and 22 until all of your unwanted old ISP's e-mail accounts are removed.

23.  Click the button labeled "New Account".

24.  Go to Step #4.