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Creating a connection under Windows XP

  1. Click on "start"

  2. Click on "Control panel"

  3. Click on "Network and Internet Connections"

  4. Click on "Setup or Change Your Internet Connection"

  5. Click on "Setup..."

  6. Click on "Next"

  7. Select "Connect to the Internet"

  8. Click on "Next"

  9. Select "Set up my connection manually"

  10. Click on "Next"

  11. Select "Connect using a dial-up modem"

  12. Click on "Next"

  13. Type name of ISP "SpearNet"

  14. Click on "Next"

  15. Type in your access number

  16. Click on "Next"

  17. Enter your username & password (Remember to put "@spearnet.net" after your username to connect.

  18. Make sure all check boxes are checked.

  19. Click "Next"

  20. Check the box "Add a shortcut to this connection to my desktop"

  21. Click "Finish"

  22. Connect by either double clicking on the "SpearNet" Icon on your desktop, or clicking "Start" then "Connect to" then "SpearNet"